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Kaz Garaz Recording

Kaz Garaz Recording

Kaz Garaz escaped the city in January for just over 2 weeks, spending the time just outside Wonthaggi, in Ryanston. We spent the mornings in the surf on Philip Island, and the days and evenings writing, workshopping, and recording 5 new tracks. It was a fantastic time, with all of us working hard on coming up with ideas, recording parts, and contributing to the production in different ways. 

Pat (and by extension, Kaz Garaz) are extremely lucky in that his family own a property in Ryanston, where there is a large space for us to set up and record. We can leave things set up for extended periods, and don’t have to worry about any noise complaints when recording late into the night, so whenever an idea comes, we can get it recorded. 

We always think of Ryanston fondly, as it is the breeding ground for Kaz tunes – both Pizzazz and Razzmatazz were mostly recorded there. Something about this time felt extra special though, as we had gone in with the idea that we were there to write and workshop – if we ended up with finished tracks, that was a bonus. I feel this allowed us a bit of extra freedom, and removed time constraints, allowing us to experiment further. 

The tracks will be sent off to Jono at Good Mood Melbourne for mixing, and we can’t wait to share them with the world!