Melbourne VIC, Australia
+61 422 528 235


Mission Statement

“In an increasingly saturated industry, it is easier and easier to create something in the image of what has been before. But just as no two stories are the same, no two soundtracks should be the same. With a deep importance placed on open communication and transparency throughout the entire compositional process, I am ready to work with you to create a unique collection of sounds that helps translate your story to your audience.”


I have been involved in sound and music all my life and have studied it formally at RMIT (Ad. Dip. of Sound Engineering), Melbourne Polytechnic (Bach. of Music Composition) and Berklee Online (Grad. Cert. Compositional Approaches to Film Scoring). Through these courses I’ve developed a swiss army knife of skills that allow me to create music from start to finish to a high standard. Primarily a drummer, I play in projects ranging from Latin Jazz, Proto-punk, and Downtempo Electronica. I also play guitar and have developed an interest in synthesis. With experience listening to and writing in a wide variety of styles, I am willing and able to compose music to match your project’s direction.

Most recently I have assisted on the Deadly Heart: Take Heart documentary under Dr. Adam Starr; composed for SquirrelVille, a video game created by a team of Swinburne designers; Shimbir, a short film by Abdalla Omar; and several Motion Design pieces.

If you need unique music, sound, or editing and mixing for your media project, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email, phone, or social media.